After a long winter, there’s nothing more cheering than when the daffodils start to emerge. A sure sign that Spring has at last arrived. It is this association of flowers with the arrival of warmer, better weather that is just one of the reasons why flowers can make us feel good and have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing.

The power of flowers is in part likely to be down to a culturally learned symbol of positivity. Whenever we receive a bouquet of flowers, it helps to trigger memories of special events and so boosting that feel good factor we so often associate with them. Of course, flowers don’t just have to be for special occasions. It’s the little luxuries in life that go a long way and put that spring in your step.

Flowers are the finishing touch to your home interior and can help to change the feel of a space. Why not include a bouquet of flowers in the hallway or living area? It is sure to make your guests feel welcomed into your home and instantly brightens up any room.

Add in freshly laundered, high quality cotton bed linen, which can help aid a good night’s sleep, and you have the perfect combination proven to boost your mood and contribute to many health benefits.

The evidence is clear – having beautiful freshly cut flowers coupled with a good night’s sleep, increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and can increase emotional contact with friends and family. Just as the gift of time to be able to re-charge and spend time with loved ones can boost our mood.