Given that we spend a third of our life in bed, regular washing is an essential to keep your bed linen long lasting and white. According to a recent YouGov poll, one in ten of us wash our sheets only every four weeks, and more than a third wait 14 days. We recommend that you wash your bed linen weekly, reducing a build-up of oils and bacteria.
Wash at the temperature displayed on the care label, normally 40 degrees. Although higher temperatures are acceptable, the correct detergents will clean effectively and bacteria can be eradicated in the ironing process.
Do not over fill the washing machine drum. This will allow water to circulate freely through all parts of the fabric. Detergent is active in smaller measures than manufacturers often stipulate; lots of suds does not mean the detergent is cleaning better and it is important that all the detergent is thoroughly rinsed out of the fabric. Avoid brighteners and bleaching agents if possible as they will weaken and discolour fibers over time.
Although a rare opportunity in the UK, if you are able to line dry your bed linen in the sun then this has the dual effect of reducing creasing and eradicating bacteria. Tumble dry your items on a low heat for the shortest time possible to minimise shrinkage and for ease of ironing. Always iron your sheets and pillowcases while they are slightly damp for ease and to provide a smoother finish.
For other items such as cushions, bedspreads and wall hangings please refer to the items care label for individual instructions.
Alternatively, use our professional domestic laundry service that can provide a weekly collection and delivery service to your door.

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