Barker Group expands and launches ‘Barker Room Service`

Jun 29, 2020 | News Page

Dorset based Barker Group, the largest domestic laundry in the UK and a leading specialists Dry Cleaner, has launched a new arm to its delivery services, called ‘Barker Room Service.’

MD, Matthew Barker said “The ‘Barker Room Service’ was conceived from much valued feedback from our customers. We recognised that we have a valuable opportunity as we already deliver finished laundry to over 3000 customers every week across Greater London and Southern England. Without increasing our foot- print we are able to deliver many other useful products, saving our clients both time and effort.

“I have wanted to expand our offering for a long time but the pure nature of this extraordinary time has meant it is an opportune time to help make the business more valuable to our customers and even better for the environment.”

Barker will be providing a variety of additional services under the banner of a virtual ‘Barker Hotel’ on your doorstep. The kitchen will be offering a Fine Dining menu with a selection of tempting starters, mains and deserts from well known, Dorset based restaurateur, Mark Cribb.

Matthew Barker advised, “Working with Mark has been a joy while I am learning how he cooks and freezes a delicious meal, from order to delivery within 24 hours. I am now looking forward to building a comprehensive menu of amazing dishes and other products over the next few months”

Continuing Matthew said, “Alongside our offering from the kitchen, we have a Sommelier – Dorset wine industry expert Jonathan Charles, who is incredibly passionate about the subject and brings with him a wealth of expert knowledge of wines and champagne from around the world. Jonathan will regularly introduce us to exciting wines to experiment with.

“Barker Room Service is trialling this new service initially in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, with delicious offerings from the Chef and the Sommelier. Housekeeping will provide the well-established laundry service and fine bedlinen supply and within weeks, these services will be added to by the Barker Concierge service, providing further high-quality products and services that will serve to make Barker’s customers’ lives better. We have a very loyal existing customer base with consumers who really love the Barker brand and the quality of what we offer.

“‘Barker Room Service’ will initially be for our existing client base and we look forward to expanding the service to many more of you over the coming months!”

Existing customers interested in using ‘Barker Room Service’ are urged to visit or telephone 01202 291295. To find out more about Barker visit