These Terms relate to Barker Laundry Service




All prices are exclusive of VAT, which is charged at the current rate at invoice date.


The prices shown on invoices are as agreed between the company and the customer and are reviewed annually. Renewal date agreed between company and customer.


The service times shall be those agreed between the company and the customer at the commencement of the contract. The company shall maintain the agreed service subject to major mechanical failure, breakdown of vehicles or ‘act of God‘. The company shall advise the customer within twelve hours of an incident that causes delay.


We shall return unprocessed and charge as listed articles that are labelled ‘Do not wash’ or ‘Do not Dry Clean’. We shall return FOC any articles that are, in our opinion, ’too frail‘, or in any way unsuitable for the washing process. We cannot be held responsible for the return of bundles unmarked or not clearly showing the branch of origin.


Articles such as duvets, eiderdowns, blankets and pillows and any feather filled, quilted or glazed items should be covered by a disclaimer provided by the customer and signed.


In the event of a complaint or query the article should be returned with the original card to the company, which will respond within two working days following receipt. The company cannot entertain a complaint or query older than 6 months from the processing date. In the event of the company causing damage by neglect or mechanical failure the company will resolve the matter by negotiation.


Where these are agreed between the company and the customer, payment shall be made by credit note unless otherwise agreed between the company and the customer.


Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered unless the company has received notification of non-delivery during the first working day following delivery.


Payment shall be made by the customer on or before the 14th day of the month following date of delivery. In the event of a failure to notify the company prior to the date, of difficulty in making payment, 2.5% shall be added to the account every month and carried forward until payment is made. If failure to make payment exceeds 30 days from the date of statement, the company reserves the right to suspend the service without further notice until payment is received.