Date 23rd June 2016

It’s referendum day for the UK and while the electorate are all busy voting whether they will remain in the EU or Brexit, one customer of Barker is facing a disaster at home.

Living in a block of apartments at stunning Sand Banks. Each apartment within the block has it’s own utility room in the basement. The basement is below ground level and unknown to the residents, the Sump Pump failed and the dirty water that is usually pumped away through the drainage system was not flushing away. As a result the washing machine filled with greywater, which left the content, smelling distasteful.

The washing machine contained a full set of bedding for a Super King size bed. A neighbour agreed to wash it, but after five attempts the smell simply wasn’t washing out. Like most people, the customer only had one bed set, which was washed, dried and ironed weekly. This laundering process taking a good three to four hours every time.

Barker Laundry eventually stepped in and took the bedding back to their laundry plant, treated it and managed to remove the smells and gave the customer confidence their fresh bedding assuring her that it would be hygienically safe to sleep in. The customer also chose to purchase a new set of Barker Collection bed linen. She opted for Barker Collection bedding, as it was available pre laundered and ready to go straight on to her bed.

Other bed linens available off the shelf in retail stores would have meant laundering before putting it on the bed and she didn’t have the appetite for the time and effort involved, plus her washing machine was still out of action, as the Sump Pump is still not working!

If you too ever experience a similar disaster then you should be safe in the knowledge that The Barker Collection and Barker Laundry will at your service to rescue you too.


Blog by Gill Buley

Interior Stylist and Head of Marketing at The Barker Group