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How does Room Service work?

If you are an existing Barker Laundry customer, we will generally call to you at the same time on the same day every week. Now you are able to choose from our range of delicious fine foods, fine wines and/or luxury produce which we shall deliver at the same time we deliver your laundry. You don’t even have to have a laundry order in process as long as you hold an account with us, just order and we will deliver on your usual time and day.


All frozen items are delivered in specially designed ‘chilled packaging’. This ensures that your food will remain below -18 degrees for up to 15 hours. We aim to deliver to your address within 4 hours of the items being placed on our transport, ensuring that your food will be as fresh as it possibly can be.


If you have difficulty ordering online, please feel free to e-mail your order to or call us at 01202 291295


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