2nd June 2016


Our Managing Director Matthew Barker, recently hosted Conor Burns MP (Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West, Alderney and Branksome East). When he visited the Barker laundry facility.

Conor & Matthew tour


Conor really believes in the importance of the success of local businesses. He likes to get involved and to listen and learn about how the local government can assist. Both Matthew and Conor engaged in a debate about business and also the pending referendum, and whether the UK should remain or leave the EU, a subject that Matthew is very passionate about.

The conversation soon progressed on to how Barker had recently acquired a stiff collar business, making them the most dominant player globally. And how Barker was about to launch a new retail business targeting its customers with superior quality bed linens to rival brands that are selling inferior products (in his opinion).

Conor said, ‘I believe that Barker has a great value proposition; after all, Barker has been caring for linen for many years – therefore who could possibly understand it better!’


Conor Burns Barker Box Review


Conor was then keen to hear from the marketing department, that their research shows 84% of consumers wash their new bedding before sleeping in it. Crazy as it may sound, but Barker will be offering their new Hotel quality bed linens pre-laundered and beautifully gift boxed, conveniently bed ready. He was delighted with the quality of the signature gift box and said, ‘he loved the colour and that he thoroughly enjoyed his tour of the facilities at Dominion Road and went on to wish Matthew and his team all the luck in the world’.




Blog Posted by Gill Buley (Head of Marketing & Interior Stylist)