Perfect Wedding Gift

At every wedding you are invited to, you are inevitably faced with the age-old question: What should you give the happy couple?  Here at The Barker Collection, we have set out to help make a decision with this guide to selecting the perfect wedding gift.


When sourcing a gift for newlyweds, it is important to start by asking a few questions: have they already set up home together or is it something that they are newly establishing?  You see, newly weds fall into two categories:
Couples that have been together for a while and have already set up home, they have created comfortable surroundings and may be looking to upgrade to more premium quality products.  Desiring high quality brands or even cash, gift vouchers or a financial contribution to the honeymoon or other lifestyle experiences such as spa days.


Couples that are starting out and are at the early stages of setting up a new home together.  They may be more appreciative of some basic household staples such as kitchen appliances, tableware, bedding and bath ware.  When it comes to home furnishings it is important to know their tastes before investing into a gift for them, or opt to include a gift receipt so that they can return it if it is not in keeping with their tastes.


Wedding Gift Registry Services

To make life easier, there are a number of registered gift services, often available online or within leading high street department stores.  The couple may have opted to go down that route, creating and publishing a registered gift list.  If you are unsure if they have set something up, then it’s perfectly okay to ask them.But remember registry items are merely suggestions and not obligations. Etiquette says that it is okay to veer off the registry.  As an example, instead of opting for a set of forks that the couple have listed to build a new cutlery set, you may prefer to opt for a gift that is more personal, more meaningful and something that has been well thought through. But saying that, it’s still a good idea to check their registry to gauge a sense of their style: learning if they are traditional and classic or contemporary and quirky?
So what are the attributes to ‘The Perfect Gift’?


Ultimately the perfect gift is something that can offer longevity, a future heirloom, keepsake or a treasured limited edition or collectable item.  Even a nostalgic item, that is unique and personal. Monogrammed products have become very popular, from ‘Mr & Mrs’ bathrobes or intertwined initials on bath towels, pillows and sheets. Personal ‘life affirming’ messages displayed on cushions can make them more personal. Ultimately choose something that you will have great pleasure in giving and something that is sentimental yet practical.
We believe items from The Barker Collection make great wedding gifts for the following reasons:

  • We help to steer you in the right direction, categorising all of our products by ‘Traditional’ and ‘Contemporary’, so that you can match with the styles best suited to the newlyweds’ tastes.
  • Our products are luxurious and high quality, true investment pieces that could be deemed both practical and sentimental.
  • The monogramming service means that pieces can be personalised, therefore adding a touch of nostalgia, making them perfect keepsakes and heirlooms to be treasured by generations to come.
  • Our bed linen from the Colonial collection is all beautifully presented in a gift box (when opting for the pre laundered service) and so are the cushions from our Majestic collection.


When gifting bed linen, it is crazy but the first thing the couple will do is wash it, dry it and iron it.  If you select our pre-laundered service, the items are simply ready to put straight onto the bed, saving the couple time and effort.  The freshly laundered linen will come packaged in a beautiful gift box, with tissue paper and a card that says it’s been laundered by the same service used by HRH The Prince of Wales – which makes it pretty special!


Our products could be shipped straight to the couple, saving you from lugging it around on the Wedding day, but the option is yours.


So whether you are buying for a designer led couple that are already living together or a more budget conscious couple that are just setting up home, we are pretty sure you’ll find the perfect wedding gift here at The Barker Collection.


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