1st June 2016

Love them or loath them, the jury is still out when it comes to the flat sheet. However there’s a new trend going on across households, it’s called ‘The Tailored Bed’ and it’s growing in popularity. This is due to the success of Boutique Hotels. People are simply looking to replicate the sleep experience from their vacation at a luxury hotel.

The Tailored bed look is simple, neat and tidy, the look is obtained by using an over sized duvet plus a top flat sheet. It’s ideal for the perfectionists who are meticulous, prefer precision and enjoy the tucked in tightly look and feel.

For the ultimate luxury the ‘Tailored Bed’ should have more pillows than usual, our stylists at The Barker Collection recommend six or eight pillows and they suggest white and cream bed sets make a good blank canvas. You can then add accent colour with cushions, bed runners and throws, which you can change to match the seasons or your mood.

Top reasons why people love to include the Flat Sheet:

  1. The flat sheet is lighter and more breathable; the extra layer keeps them warmer in the winter, yet cooler in summer. As they get too warm during the night they simply push back the duvet and just sleep under the flat sheet. We learnt that they continue to use the duvet during the warm summer months but simply for bedroom aesthetics.
  1. Some people have night sweats and find the flat sheet is a really handy protective barrier, especially if they don’t intend to launder their duvet cover as frequently as the flat sheet and fitted sheet – so it saves them time and money.
  1. Most Women like to sleep in a white or cream bed but find it impractical, as they tend to have accidents during the time of their monthly cycle. They like the added protection that the flat sheet offers as they can simply just change the sheets without having to change the duvet cover and pillowcases as often.
  1. People that enjoy breakfast in bed, tend to opt for a top sheet too, they say that it again adds a protective barrier and can be changed and laundered more frequently if they spill coffee or egg on it!
  1. It may sound odd, but taller people like to opt for a top sheet, they say they are so tall that they get fed up with the duvet not being long enough and their toes get cold, the tucked in bed suits them better and is much more comfortable.
  1. The flat sheet makes a good alternative to a fitted sheet, for those that have uncommon size or shape mattresses.
  1. Some people always use a flat sheet as it’s what they are used to, how they have been brought up and they feel it’s unhygienic not to use one.
  1. The flat sheet provides the great decorative look that they wish to achieve.


Top reasons why people opt to exclude the Flat Sheet:

  1. They hate making the bed and find pulling back the duvet the quickest and simplest method for them.
  1. They like the idea of a flat sheet but simply don’t know how to fold and tuck it to achieve precision corners and folds.
  1. They say that they get knotted up in the flat sheet and find it annoying.

In summary, the popularity of the flat sheet is growing, but it’s still a very personal thing and there’s no right or wrong answer, it’s entirely up to YOU!

If you like the idea of a fitted sheet and would like to learn how to fold the corners for a tailored bed look, similar to what you would experieince in a luxury hotel, then you might want to check out this video: